Working from home might sound like a dream to many - the ability to just wake up and walk to your computer and spend the day “working in your pyjamas”. However, more often that not, such “benefits” come at a price… Read on to find out more!

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What time should you start work? What time should you end? It’s hard to know when you should stop when you are working at home all the time. More often than not, you will just be working the night away which will result in less sleep. Additionally, this might also mean you’ll end up napping in the day and end up not being able to communicate with your clients and associates at the right timing.

Less Socialising Opportunities

What are the chances that you get to talk to a colleague physically when you are working from home? What about a stranger? If you are a freelancer, we know the importance of forging connections to increase opportunities. After all, we are human and we need to socialise with people every now and then. Even Batman has Alfred.

You Can Never Escape the Office

When is it your office and when is it your house? You will soon find it hard to distinguish the two. Home is the place to relax and release your work stress but if you are always in the office, how are you doing to deal with the stress?

Strain On Your Family

Don’t kid yourself into thinking the decision to work from home is yours alone to make. It will affect the other tenets of your building – whatever age they may be. Mom or Dad’s new enterprise is going to create added stress and strain. Trust me, from experience, your family member will tend to misunderstand that you working from home means you are unemployed and you’ll end being unable to dedicate effective time to your work.

Temptations Are Everywhere

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Do I even need to explain this? The bed, the telly, the fridge, the PS4, Xbox One etc. Not everyone is disciplined enough to fend off these temptations and focus on work.

If cutting cost is what you are looking for as a freelancer or new small business owner, and working from home is not an ideal solution, you can always look into co-working spaces such as The Workshop! It doesn’t cost much yet you get to reap the benefits of having a great office and avoid all these unnecessary evils!

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