You know how much time we spend at office on a daily basis from Monday to Friday? On top of that what about overtime on the weekday and even weekend? If you haven’t seen any of this office hacks, here’s a list that will make your stay better!

Macbook Charger as bottle opener

No more problems during office party! Works with the beer too!

Using your phone casing to keep your key card.

Don’t need to worry that you are stuck outside office anymore.I am sure it happens very often for many but lucky for tenants at the workshop as the community manager can actually help you to get the doors open remotely using their app even if they are not in the office.

Mug as burrito holder

Despacito, I can now eat my burrito, without it dropping on my toes~

Use Yoga Ball as ChairNot sure if this really works but our offices and workpods are all fully furnish with stylish chairs and tables. Yoga balls not included thou.

Use a piece of scotch tape to clean your keyboardEspecially for people who likes to eat at the desk! Don’t forget to clean your keyboard guys.

Especially for people who likes to eat at the desk! Don't forget to clean your keyboard guys.

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