One of the most common issues that many businesses inevitably face is getting the “perfect” office space. Some might feel like an office space is nothing more than just a space for people to work but truth is, you spend five days out of seven in your office and spend a good half a day in there each time, possibly more. I would say that a good office space makes everyone happier and it can dictate the success of a business.

Here are five important things to keep a lookout for when you are looking for a good office space.


Location might be important but it’s almost impossible to get somewhere near everyone’s homes since people all live at different parts of the country. A good office space is hence one which is easily accessible by public transport, near an MRT interchange, and also not to forget, with sufficient parking space that doesn’t not cost employees an arm or leg.


We all know the saying - a hungry worker is an angry worker. It’s no surprise that having a variety of food around the workplace will not only keep everyone’s tummies filled but also the team morale high.


Starting a business is never easy. Keeping the cost low is just as important as closing deals and earning money. Rent what you can afford. No brainer here, price is definitely an important factor.

The Community

Who is in the neighbourhood? Is it a safe place for your staff to work late? Is it a place where you can get good support for your business? Having good community support is always important. Just in case you need to borrow a toilet when yours is occupied, right?

Know how much space you need

Overrenting and spending too much is an obvious problem but underrenting can cause just as many issues. Nobody wants to pack and unpack every two months when the team expands or when more equipment and inventory are purchased. Planning ahead seems to be an obvious answer but life doesn’t always work the way we plan for it to. Co-working spaces such as The Workshop will make things a lot easier. You will only rent and pay for space that your team requires and when your team expand, all you have to do is to rent extra office rooms and/or storage space within The Workshop itself and everyone can be housed under the same roof for maximum productivity and efficiency.. Even if you are just hiring ad-hoc staff, The Workshop is able to accomodate to adhoc rentals as well.


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